Eternal Telethon: 55+‘ will broadcast non-stop from 1:00pm on April 28th through the evening of May 1st. The broadcast can be watched live online at and will feature a wide range of creative contributions from over 2000 artists.
An ongoing series of collectively-organized live web-casts, the Eternal Telethon raises money to create a convalescent home for retired and ailing artists in need of a break. The telethon functions both as a showcase for artists to present new, experimental work in a low-pressure environment, as well as a demonstration of how a community can effectively define its needs and empower itself.”

On April 30, 2016, I made myself available via internet, phone, and on location at Human Resources (Los Angeles), for reference inquiries from the public. Upon receipt I would search JSTOR, provide some titles, and then the individual could choose a title they were interested in and at a later date I printed the article, drew marginalia throughout, and then gave it to them. In exchange they donated $10 or whatever amount they wanted, to the eternal telethon. Project directly inspired by and to honor memory of Aaron Swartz.